Make Your One Life Count

Join a Revolution to Redeem Humanity for Good

There is no “membership” at Humanity Church.  We say that if you show up, you’re in.  We’ll serve you, serve with you, and treat you like you’re at home here in our community.

However, if you want to make Humanity Church a part of your life mission, we invite you to come onto our volunteer staff.  The church was never designed to be life a country club, with benefits and voting rights.  It was always designed to be more like a special ops team that is bringing faith, love and hope into the world through Jesus Christ.

Here’s what everyone on our volunteer staff has engaged in their life

  • Made a focused commitment to follow Jesus Christ with their life
  • Been baptized as an adult after making that decision to follow Jesus
  • Are a part of a C3 Community Group at Humanity Church
  • Are serving in some capacity at Humanity Church

The Four-Step Process To Joining Staff

Attend Welcome to Humanity

Welcome to Humanity is a lunch after the gathering where we go over our core values, mission, vision and how to get connected. This is the first step in joining volunteer staff, and can be completed at any point in the process.

Complete Redeeming Humanity

Redeeming Humanity is a 4-week journey through our core values, and is designed to help you engage the essence of Humanity Church in a meaningful way. It is followed up with two courses on our core convictions and the staff covenant.

Have Your Staff Connect

After you have completed Redeeming Humanity, you can sign up for a staff connect. This is a one-on-one conversation about where you are at in your faith journey, and what’s next as you move towards coming on volunteer staff at Humanity Church.

Be Commissioned

The final part of the journey is to be commissioned as a servant to the Pomona Valley with Humanity Church. This is a very special and powerful moment in our Sunday gatherings.