Working alongside Loads of Love and Regeneration Spiritual Center, we support projects in orphan homes and hospitals, as well as supporting new churched in unconnected people groups.  Over the past two years, we have sent teams, speakers and have fully funded the purchase of a church building in an unreached village.


Shear Love International is designed to educate and empower people by providing an education in hair design. Equipping people with vocational knowledge, financial training, and personal development will give them an opportunity to support their families in a dignified way.


As a skilled musician and avid seeker of justice, Alex has paired his two passions and moved to Pattaya, Thailand. Serving the barber students of Shear Love as a mentor, he will also be utilizing his passion for music to provide music therapy to those rescued from trafficking and exploitation.  We financially and spiritually support Alex in his ongoing humanitarian efforts.


Every year, Humanity Church sends out teams to nations all over the globe for the purpose of redeeming humanity.  These projects are open to anyone whois a part of our community, and is committed to making a difference in the world around them.  Humanity Church believes that every follower of Jesus is called to serve the whole earth, and we work with you to both prepare and go!