This season has been extremely difficult for these unprecedented times. Here are some helpful mental health tips that can aid one during this difficult time period.

  1. Take a Break from Screens: we are constantly looking at screens throughout the day, especially with being home more often. Taking a break to unplug will help reduce overall stress levels. 
  1. Listen to Your Body: check in with how your body is reacting throughout the day. You might need to move around more, need some food, or just to take a break.
  1. Validate your Experiences: Amazed at how everyone has learned a million skills during this pandemic, yet you are happy just to dress in something not pjs? Comparing one’s self to others will often lead to increased feelings of being inadequate or not enough. Everyone is going to have their own experiences during this pandemic and that is okay.
  1. Finding Control in the Uncontrollable: There are many aspects of this season that feel ever changing and like a roller coaster we cannot get off from. Understanding that we cannot control everything and cannot control everyone brings about a freedom. Work and focus on the areas of life you can control while actively working on letting go of worry of what we cannot control.
  1. Develop a Routine: Feeling aimless and like there is a lack of purpose? Establishing a schedule and routine daily will bring about some normalcy in your life. Whether beginning the day with bible reading, prayer time, or going on a morning jog, having a daily routine will aid in readjusting one’s mind. 
  1. Stay Connected Socially: Connecting to community whether it be via text, phone, zoom, or in person physically distanced and with precautions can aid in reducing depressive and anxious moods. While all of us are sick of zoom or FaceTime, it is a better option than constant isolation. 
  1. Get Up and Get Moving: Exercise, even just a light form of it can aid in improving moods and benefit overall mental health. Walking around your neighborhood, taking a hike, or working out in your backyard can change the scenery of your home.