In 2010, Pastor Nathan Neighbour started Mosaic Pomona in the heart of downtown Pomona with a group of passionate followers of Jesus as an official campus of Mosaic LA.  Their first gathering was February 20th, in the newly renovated Fox Theatre.  Shortly after, they opened the Mosaic Gallery, a full-time working gallery in, what is now, the Homage Brewing facilities.

In 2013, the four existing campuses of Mosaic LA were commissioned as independent communities.  Mosaic Whittier, Mosaic South Bay, Mosaic San Diego (now Makers Church) and Mosaic Pomona all became new communities with their own unique leadership.  Mosaic Pomona experienced powerful growth and a move of God during that season, seeing many come to faith and baptized.  They also began serving the city with deeper engagement and influence than ever before.  Mosaic Pomona also relocated to the Historic Glasshouse Concert Hall during this season, and opened the Mosaic Loft & Creative Space, a 2800 sq ft. facility for artistic endeavors, community engagement and offices.

On August 4, 2018, Mosaic Pomona made the bold move to rename the community HUMANITY CHURCH to best reflect the new movement that was taking place here in Pomona and the surrounding region.  Still grounded in their rich ethos, Humanity Church continues to create a space for people to belong, become and believe!