To Be a Voice of Hope
It’s easy to believe the darkness has won, and evil, depression, anxiety and death has the last word. While many are declaring hoplessness over a generation, we have a new story to write. The light has come, and darkness cannot overcome it. We believe that hope comes when our soul is in communion with Jesus, and He is speaking life into our soul. We get to join Him in redeeming humanity!
To Be Known by Love
We all long to be known and to know others. In a world of insta posts, likes and comments, we know that finding that space can be a unique challenge. What if what your soul was looking for was a divine encounter with LOVE Himself? The word church can bring up all kinds of images and emotions. Come have a new experience and find the love of Jesus expressed and expanding through people.
To Live by Faith
The human experience was designed for living beyond what we can see. We are designed for an adventure. At the end of their lives, no one wants to say that they lived a manageable and predictable existence. We long to fully live. At Humanity Church, we know that journey can only be fully experienced through the movement of Jesus in our lives.

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Community Partners

Humanity Church believes in the power of community, not just within our walls, but all over the city.
These are a few of the local organizations that we partner with to see the city flourish.